Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a positive effect on lives and communities by adding the most value and making a significant and lasting impact through Gesit Foundation.

Our social investment programs focus on three areas: Healthcare, Environment & Cultural Outreach, and Education.

We provide initiatives that ensure proper medical treatment and aid for the sick and injured. Our focus goes beyond donations; we get involved in the causes that help improve the infrastructures needed to support healthcare.

Environment & Cultural Outreach

We provide cultural training, concerts, religious infrastructure, and enforce diversity in our society, but most importantly we prioritize initiatives that improve the environments in which we operate everyday.


We provide hands-on opportunities for disadvantaged children through various initiatives, such as scholarships. Most notably, we ensure that educational facilities are available to the people that we believe need it most.

Our CSR Initiatives & Programs

+ - Healthcare
  • Distributing ventilators and PPE to 128 Hospitals across in Indonesia
  • Distributing food aid to people affected by COVID in 5 provinces in Indonesia
Natural Disaster
  • Rebuilding healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Donating food and other resources to victims of natural disasters, such as the volcanic eruption at Mount Merapi, Mentawai, the landslide at Puncak and the floods in Jakarta
Medical Equipment
  • Donating speedboat ambulances in West Kalimantan
  • Providing ambulances for DKI Jakarta Region, in partnership with Red Cross Indonesia
  • Contributed in the construction of YPAC (Yayasan Penyandang Anak Cacat) by providing Aluminum Profile
+ - Environment & Cultural Outreach


  • Developing water projects and clean water facilities in remote areas
  • Creating and maintaining roads and open road access in some districts in Indonesia
  • Collaborating with Yayasan Kebun Raya Indonesia in the conservation of endangered and rare botanical species in Kebun Raya Cibodas and Kebun Raya Bedugul, Bali
  • Planting 1,000 trees in West Kalimantan Deforestation Areas

Cultural Outreach

  • Holding charitable concerts in partnership with foreign embassies to gather donations for disaster victims
  • Contributed to the construction of a mosque in Ciloto-Puncak as well as renovation of local churches and temples
+ - Education
  • Building, renovating, and providing school facilities for:
    - North Sumatera: Sekolah Mitra Inalum
    - Jakarta: Down Syndrome & Deaf School of Cempaka Putih
    - Jakarta: School of Yayasan Penyandang Anak Cacat
    - Fujian: Primary, Secondary School, Sport and Library in Normal University
  • Providing over 300 university scholarships per year
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