Serving important industrial sectors, delivering high-quality products, and establishing strong long-term partnership.

The Gesit Companies operates aluminum fabrication and packaging company through two business lines: Alakasa Andalan Mitra Sejati and Rheem Indonesia.

Aluminum Fabrication

The Gesit Companies invests and manages its aluminum fabrication company—Alakasa Andalan Mitra Sejati—since its Joint Venture with Alcan Aluminum in 1972. We focus on aluminum fabrication company that specializes in the industrial sector (e.g., train, marine, plantation, other industrial products) to serve the local and international market. We have served countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Brunei, Japan, and Hong Kong over the last 40 years, and we plan on continuing our vision to be recognized as a leader in Manufacturing and Fabricating Aluminum.

Steel & Plastic Packaging

The Gesit Companies invests and manages its packaging company—Rheem Indonesia—since it was established by Rheem Australia in 1969. The focus is to build a packaging company that specialises in industrial packaging products, such as steel and plastic drums as well as Jerry cans, for use in industries such as oil, paint, fragrance, chemical, and food processing. We ensure that customers obtain the highest standard of quality products and services, using premium materials and operating to international standards (on time and at competitive prices).

Alumina Refinery & Aluminum Smelter Development

Under Development

We believe the Alumina and Aluminum industries can be domestically developed to service domestic and global clients due to Indonesia’s rich natural resources and logistical advantage.

The Gesit Companies will develop a 2-million-ton Alumina Refinery and upon completion, develop an Aluminum Smelter which will reach 1 million ton for the next phase.

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